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What the H E Double Hockey Stick is Audio Augmentation?

Welcome to Dark Oak Productions and Recordings, your source for customized tailor fitted audio designed for your needs. Whether it be for personal or business, we can supply you with a sound that best represents you.
We produce high quality audio for such things as:
Radio commercials
Radio Station Content
DJ Tags
Sound Scape Design
And anything else involving sound.
Every project is specially designed for you so check out our Services Page for more details.
We also specialize in Production Quality and have worked for several internet based radio stations to help develop a quality sound for their station.
We are currently working with KOTB, Third Eye Radio in producing their station audio content and you can check out their sites here: WebsiteFacebook
We work one on one with you to design a sound that best fits not only your business but also your personality so your listeners will relate to your final product.
Contact us today for more information.

Sounds Expensive?

Nay the now! Every project is tailored for your needs and the cost depends all on what you want. Money is not the only thing that will get you your special
sound designed for you. We also believe in the bartar system too! Offer a trade and we'll see what we can work out for you.

Uh... Socially Speakin?

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